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Understand not all scoliosis exercises are created equal. The fact is that some exercises programs can actually aggravate your scoliosis curvatures! So it’s important to find an exercise program that is taught by Certified professionals trained in providing “scoliosis specific exercises”.

Specific Scoliosis Exercises” are specially designed to provide scoliosis correction for spinal curvatures. Scoliosis being a unilateral rotation dysfunction, (in other words the spine twists in a helix in one direction) the exercises needed to correct it must be done in unilateral direction to counter act the curvatures.

That is why most exercises are not good for scoliosis; any exercise taught to be done bilaterally to someone having scoliosis have the potential for doing more harm than good. For instance, yoga’s great exercise for someone without scoliosis as it helps people patients avoid developing postural dysfunctions by keeping the body’s mobility in all directions by teaching poses to be done on both sides of the body. Yet, with a movement pattern dysfunction like scoliosis certain poses done bilaterally can actually cause a person with scoliosis to fall further into their curvature patterns and worsen their condition.

For instance, a stretch like the one being shown to de-rotate the lumbar spine but will aggravate the curvature in the thoracic spine and should be avoided if you have a double curvature.

That is not to say that yoga is absolutely bad for you if you have scoliosis. It only to say that unless your routine reviewed and modified to fit your body’s specific needs by a trained professional with in-depth knowledge of what types of exercise are right for your spinal curvatures and they design a specific Yoga program to fit your needs, there is a good chance you will inadvertently worsen your condition when performing the wrong exercise on the side your body is already twisting.

Schroth Method scoliosis exercises are specific designed for the treatment of scoliosis. They are clinically proven to help patients to halt, manage or reverse scoliosis curvatures and avoid surgery or rigid scoliosis bracing. Originally developed in Germany in the 1930’s they are still in use today throughout Europe. These therapist guided exercises are designed to help reduce curvatures and rotation of the spine and help diminish rib cage distortions to assist with pain or deformity scoliosis symptoms. Your routine will be unique for your condition as with scoliosis exercises, there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Our doctors will evaluate if you are a candidate for the Schroth Method as part of a comprehensive scoliosis program. If so, our Schroth Certified Instructors will incorporate this methodology of specifically designed scoliosis exercise and breathing techniques into a program designed specifically for you to reduce and stabilize scoliosis in conjunction with using the SpineCor flexible dynamic scoliosis brace.

Our patient, actress Ashley Argota plays Lulu “True Jackson VP” on on Nickelodeon. She talks about her success with her Schroth Method Scoliosis Exercises and SpineCor brace at Scoliosis Systems. Here is what she said:

Many of other patient’s have enjoyed similar results with our comprehensive scoliosis programs and have shared their experiences on our YouTube Channel.

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