SpineCor Scoliosis Brace

SpineCor Scoliosis Treatment

The SpineCor Brace is a revolutionary treatment for scoliosis that allows the doctors to start treating this condition at a far earlier point in the progression than before. While traditional hard braces usually are put off until the patient’s spine curves over 25 degrees, and then if that didn’t work then surgery is recommended for even more severe curvature, the SpineCor Brace can be used with curvatures as low as 15 degrees, while it is most correctable.

Many people may wonder what the benefits are of using treatment at such an early stage of the disease, especially since most children don’t have any sort of symptoms. Children who may otherwise seem to be perfectly healthy and active up until that point may suddenly face a potential life-altering surgery or the pain and disability in their adulthood if nothing is done.

SpineCor Scoliosis Brace

The problem is that left uncorrected scoliosis is a progressive disease. Without treatment, the abnormal curvature of the spine will continue to increase until it starts to put pressure on the internal organs of the body. This can lead to chronic pain later on, cosmetic effects such as uneven hips and uneven shoulders, as well as respiratory issues. Although surgery is effective in straightening a scoliosis, in most cases for an adult it is not an option. The reason for this is that surgery for scoliosis is major surgery and as such carries many inherent risks.

Hard braces have not been found to be effective and also carry many risks. Hard braces to be very uncomfortable and restrictive as these braces fit over the torso much in the same way that a full plaster cast would and effectively immobilize the torso. This curtails the child’s opportunities for physical activity.

Because these braces are so hard to endure, doctors usually wait for the disease to get worse before they can treat it. This is where a flexible brace such as the Spine Cor brace can really shine. These dynamic braces are lightweight and much easier to endure than the hard, traditional braces. The way these braces are constructed is why they are able to be used on younger children with great effect.

These braces are made up of a stationary pelvic belt component that is connected by adjustable elastic bands. These elastic bands are configured to meet a particular patient’s needs. The brace itself is very light and can be easily concealed by clothing. This is important to a teen who does not want to be seen as being different than their peers. In addition to that, the brace does not stop the child from engaging in a variety of physical activities.

The SpineCor Scoliosis Brace provides a small amount of constant corrective pressure on the child’s spine, helping to guide it along to a proper position. As such, wearing this type of a brace has been compared to a constant rehabilitative action on the body, as if a person was in physical therapy the entire time they are wearing the brace.

Our doctors were instrumental in helping pioneer the use of the SpineCor scoliosis brace for adults with scoliosis. Since that time SpineCor has become one of the most effective pain relief tools for adults with scoliosis.