Scoliosis Brace – Static vs Dynamic

Which Scoliosis Brace Should I Choose?

The introduction of a new concept for the treatment of scoliosis with corrective movement principles lead to the development of a revolutionary dynamic scoliosis brace in the early 1990’s it has not yet caught hold in much of the conventional medical world. The standard of care in that arena is still the hard or static scoliosis brace, despite the fact that studies have proven the static approach does not work. Take a look at a recent study showing the lack of effectiveness of hard bracing to reduce the incidents of surgery in a scoliosis population.

Static Scoliosis Brace Vs. Dynamic Scoliosis Brace

Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: the effect of (Rigid) brace treatment on the incidence of surgery.

A study performed at Children’s Research Centre and Orthopaedic Department, Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children, Dublin, Ireland confirmed that in Adolescents, SpineCor has a 93% success rate after 2 years post brace wearing, whereas the Boston Brace has not been able to show any success in creating curvature reduction after the same time frame.


  1. I’ 34 years old and have had scoliosis since I was about 13. As a kid I really didn’t have any pain so I ignored it until about about eight years ago. I went to my medical doctor and he ordered a MRIs to look for a disk problem but found nothing, except that my scoliosis had gotten worse over the years. He gave me some meds but the problem just kept getting worse. It gradually got so bad over time that I began having to lay down several times every day due to my back pain. I stopped being able to play sports and even had to quit working because of my severe back pain while sitting for a prolonged period of time.

    I found Dr. Deutchman and Dr. Lamantia at Spinecor Specialists of Fort Worth and they fit me for a Spinecor brace that I wore home the same day. They also taught me Schroth Method of scoliosis exercise that I do at home.

    I’ve been under this treatment seven months now and it has changed my life for the better. Although I am not yet completely pain-free, I’m working part-time and able to enjoy playing sports again.

    For other adults with scoliosis related pain I’m telling you,this kind of scoliosis treatment really worked for me and may be able to help you too. You owe it to yourself to find out because it could make all the difference it the world for you, like it did me.

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