Schroth Method Corrective Scoliosis Exercises

Schroth Method: Exercise for Scoliosis

Most scoliosis cases are idiopathic, meaning they are of unknown causes. Scoliosis is a lifelong condition that can progress over time. Rapid progression can take place at times of rapid growth, such as the kid appearing in early adolescences. For women it can also take place at times of hormonal changes, like puberty, child birth and menopause. Treatment is best begun in the early stages, when it is most correctable.

Schroth Method

The Schroth Method is a series of exercises taught for the management of scoliosis by specially trained professionals to help them halt the progression of the curve and in many cases even reverse some of the scoliosis curvatures of the spine. Learning such exercises should be done with the guidance of a trained scoliosis expert in the beginning because they are unlike any other exercises that are for the spine. The exercises involved in this method target specific muscle s of the spine that have become shortened and weakened as a result of the scoliosis. Lengthening and strengthening these muscles helps bring back balance to the spine.

Listed below are some of exercises involved in the Schroth method to give you a fuller understanding on how the method can greatly help you with your condition.

Schroth Breathing

This particular exercise help people with scoliosis relax their body through breathing exercises. This has been proven to help decrease the angle of curve of the spine by helping push out the flattened area of the ribs. This also improves vital lung capacity of patients with scoliosis. The forced expansion of the rib cage through during inhalation and forced contraction during exhalation causes movement on the rib area allowing it to move and realign the spine.

Isometric Schroth Postures

This is the exercises involved in the method that directly targets your spine. Scoliosis is in part due to an impairment of the balance of the stabilizing muscles of the trunk and pelvis. As the imbalance in muscular strength from right to left sides grows the spine becomes more imbalanced, causing the curvature of your spine to worsen. These muscles can be reconditioned to help slow down and stop the curve from progressing. Sets of posture exercises are done to the patient to help them reduce postural deformity due to scoliosis. This in conjunction with the breathing exercises work together to help stop any curves from progressing.

Schroth Method Dynamic Postural Control

Scoliosis causes rotation of one segment on the other. In otherwords, the shoulders are rotated in comparison to the rib cage and the rib cage is counter rotated in comparison to the pelvis. This is due to the spiraling nature of the scoliosis spine. Patients can create pelvic corrections in relation to their rib cage which can help them realign their spine and move with their pelvis and ribs into in a more de-rotated juxtaposition. The same can be done between the rib cage and the shoulder girdle. In these exercises the patient is asked to hold their pelvis, rib cage and shoulders in corrected postures or during controlled walking similar to like walking on tall grasses. This exercise is to help re-pattern movements for a stronger foundation for the spine to realign.

The Schroth method involves these and many more exercises than those mentioned above. We use this method as part of a Complete Scoliosis Treatment Program.
These are just the basic exercises that patients undergo to if they want to correct their spine. If scoliosis is impairing your life than these exercises can be very beneficial at not only improving the shape of your spine but your overall health and wellness as well.

To find out if you or your child is a candidate for one of our corrective movement scoliosis therapies, give our office a call. Our doctors offer Complimentary Phone Consultations to discuss the details of your case. So call today and find out if the Schroth Method is right for you.